Cognitive Assessment

My Template for Psychological Evaluation Reports

There is a big difference between a template that is used to produce reports in a mechanical fashion and one that is used flexibly. Ideally, each report should be tailored to the individual very carefully. However, there are certain portions of each report that are likely to be reused and a bare-bones report template will save time without necessarily leading to a mechanical approach to writing.

My template has evolved considerably since graduate school and is likely to continue to evolve. Recently I have begun to make greater use of Microsoft Word’s Styles capability to ensure consistency of formatting. This led to the happy discovery that using headings makes quick navigation between sections much easier. Another benefit is that when I decide to change the look of my template, the changes are made quickly and consistently throughout the document.

I supervise cases at the College Learning Assessment Service at Illinois State University. The template would probably be quite different if it were used in a different setting.

Some reports require different sections not shown in my template (e.g., “Summary of Previous Evaluations”). Often sections can be omitted (e.g., not everyone gets a full evaluation of memory functions). Often the descriptions of cognitive abilities need to be simplified. Sometimes they need further elaboration.

Here is a link to my current template. Feel free to use it and adapt it to your needs. If you use it to create your own template, there is no need to give me credit in your reports. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as “plagiarism” in an evaluation report.


10 thoughts on “My Template for Psychological Evaluation Reports

  1. Philip says:

    Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate the toolS you provide, especially tablemaker. I like that you freely share and aren’t looking to make money. Thanks!

  2. Dale Watson says:

    Most of the links (TableMaker/Report Template) seem to be broken so getting an error: The requested URL /~wjschne/AssessingPsyche/ReportTemplate.docx was not found on this server.

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