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WISC-V Expanded Composite Scores

I have long complained that making custom composite scores should not be difficult. The ability to combine scores as one wishes should be a feature of every scoring program for every cognitive battery.

No matter which tests I have given, I would like to be able to combine them into theoretically valid composite scores. For example, on the WISC-V, the Verbal Comprehension Index (VCI) consists of two subtest scores, Vocabulary and Similarities. However, the Information and Comprehension subtests measure verbal knowledge just as well as the other two tests. We should be able to combine them with the two VCI subtests to make a more valid estimate of verbal knowledge.

The good news is that the WISC-V now allows us to do just that: It now has two expanded composite scores:

  1. Verbal Expanded Crystallized Index (VECI)
    • Similarities
    • Vocabulary
    • Information
    • Comprehension
  2. Expanded Fluid Index (EFI)
    • Matrix Reasoning
    • Picture Concepts
    • Figure Weights
    • Arithmetic

At the risk of sounding greedy, I would like to have an expanded working memory index (Digit Span, Picture Span, and Letter-Number Sequencing) and an expanded processing speed index (Coding, Symbol Search, and Cancellation). Even so, I am grateful for this improvement in the WISC-V.


8 thoughts on “WISC-V Expanded Composite Scores

  1. Len Huber says:

    Thanks for this useful info. Bear in mind that on the WISC-V as on the previously released WPSSI-IV all composites are composed of two subtests only. For the WISC-V VCI these are Similarities and Vocabulary.

  2. Thanks Joel. This is one reason why I stick with the WJ-III given your Compositator program does this for us 🙂 And of course, your program’s ability to determine statistically and clinically significant differences between any pairs of tests/indexes/composites is priceless.

    Chris Friesen, Ph.D., C.Psych.

      • Chris Friesen says:

        That’s great. I won’t be purchasing the IV without your program including your WJ Neuropsychological program, both of which I use for all of my weekly neuropsychological and psychovocational assessments. As long as you don’t come out with the program’s I have an excuse not to shell out the money for a whole new battery 🙂 So take your time, my bank account will appreciate it 🙂

  3. Dennis Saller says:

    Thanks, I appreciate your info too. However, I see you didn’t mention the the WISCV’s new Auditory Working Memory Index, which is quite expanded. I don’t see much need to add visual subtests to it, at least when looking for LD’s. Or do you?

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