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TableMaker for Psychological Evaluation Reports


I am proud to announce the release of my new computer program, TableMaker for Psychological Evaluation Reports. It is designed to help providers of psychological assessments organize and present test data in a simple, efficient, and theoretically informed manner. You enter an evaluee’s test scores in an order that is convenient to you and theoretically organized tables are generated in MS Word like so:

TableMaker is free. For now, unfortunately, it runs on Windows only.

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A Geometric Representation of Composite Scores

Here is a video I made about why composite scores are more extreme than the average of two subtest scores. It is a companion to the paper I wrote with Kevin McGrew about the dangers of averaging subtest scores and thinking of them as composite scores.

The Excel spreadsheet I used in the video can be downloaded here.

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Psychometrics from the Ground Up: 5. Expected Value and Variance

A video tutorial about Expected Value and its relationship with variance:

Topics Covered:

  • Some Rules of Expected Value Computations
  • Measuring Variability Using Expected Values
  • The Relationship between the Normal Distribution and the Chi Square Distribution
  • Raw Moments
  • Central Moments
  • The 2nd Central Moment (i.e., Variance) in Terms of Raw Moments