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What if we took our models seriously? Slides from my NASP 2014 talk

WISC-IV Five-Factor Model

WISC-IV Five-Factor Model

I was part of a symposium last week at NASP on the factor structure of the WISC-IV and WAIS-IV. It was organized and moderated by Renée Tobin, who edited the special issue of the Journal of Psychoeducational Assessment on the same topic. The other presenters were Larry Weiss, Tim Keith, Gary Canivez, Joe Kush, Dawn Flanagan, and Vinny Alfonso.

The slides for my talk are here. The text for the talk is written in the “Notes” for each slide.

I have spoken at length on this topic in my article on the special issue and in a companion video.

The spreadsheets that accompany the article are here:

WISC-IV Spreadsheet

WAIS-IV Spreadsheet