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An easy way to simulate data according to a specific structural model.

I have made an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet that can simulate data according to a latent structure that you specify. You do not need to know anything about R but you’ll need to install it. RStudio is not necessary but it makes life easier. In this video tutorial, I explain how to use the spreadsheet.

This project is still “in beta” so there may still be errors in it. If you find any, let me know.

If you need something with more features and is further along in its development cycle, consider simulating data with the R package simsem.

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A Geometric Representation of Composite Scores

Here is a video I made about why composite scores are more extreme than the average of two subtest scores. It is a companion to the paper I wrote with Kevin McGrew about the dangers of averaging subtest scores and thinking of them as composite scores.

The Excel spreadsheet I used in the video can be downloaded here.

Cognitive Assessment


When we are at our best, clinicians skilled in psychological assessment see beyond the obvious and communicate something useful and true to a person who needs our help.  Uncovering something true often requires a bit of science, sometimes a little math, and always a lot of empathy. Communicating what is true so that it is useful requires still more empathy and a bit of art. We facilitate in our clients a deeper understanding of what is happening to them and present to them a different vision of what they can be.

In this blog, I hope to communicate something useful and true to other professionals about psychological assessment. I hope that in communicating what I know, I will come to know more than I do now.

The title of the blog is more of an aspiration than a description.