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My First Book! Essentials of Assessment Report Writing 2e

It’s official! The second edition of Essentials of Assessment Report Writing has been published. My co-authors and I worked hard to make sure every sentence was worth reading. We hope that our work helps professionals write reports that restore hope and inspire change in the lives of people who have found themselves overwhelmed by circumstance.


I am grateful to Alan and Nadeen Kaufman for the invitation to update and expand upon the first edition and to Liz Lichtenberger, Nancy Mather, and Nadeen Kaufman for welcoming me into their writing team. John Willis and Rita McCleary each contributed a chapter brimming with insight. We selected first-rate scholars and practitioners to contribute examples of great report writing along with annotations that let readers listen in on their report-writing process. Thank you Lisa King Chalukian, Robert Lichtenstein, Linda M. Fishman, Donna Goetz, Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Christopher J. Nicholls, John M. Garruto, Alison Wilkinson-Smith, Jennie Kaufman Singer, and Susan Engi Raiford.

I wish I were one of those people who write with ease, but for me, every sentence is a wrestling match. I would still be pinned to the mat, with fading hopes of escape if my spouse, Renée Tobin, had not repeatedly made sacrifices in her own full-to-brim schedule to give me the gift of uninterrupted time and solitude. I am forever in awe or her.


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