Cognitive Assessment

Assessment Report Template

Today at NASP 2019, I gave two workshops on psychological assessment report writing. Here are links to two complete reports:




4 thoughts on “Assessment Report Template

  1. Ben says:

    This looks great! I was just wondering about how you created the normal distribution figure in these example reports? I’ve been trying to do this myself for a while and have found it difficult to create multiple x-axes in most programs. Such figures are extremely helpful of course because they show how scores (whether they be z scores, scaled scores, or standard scores) fit together.

  2. Dale Watson says:

    Thanks so much for these templates. I did have a question about your tables. Using TableMaker there are boundary lines throughout the table. You seem to have selectively deleted some and kept some. Is there a way to automate that process or does it have to be done manually? Thanks.

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