Psychometrics from the Ground Up

A series of video tutorials by W. Joel Schneider

1. Variables and Measurement Scales
2. Frequency Distributions
3. Probability Density Functions
4. Expected Value: What Does the Mean Mean?
5. Expected Value and Variance: Take a Moment or Two to Find Out How the Mean and Variance Are Alike
6. The Normal Distribution and the Central Limit Theorem: Sum of the Many Reasons Variables Are Normally Normal
7. Skewness: Lopsided Variability
8. Kurtosis: Beyond Peakedness
9. Standard Scores and Why We Need Them
10. Covariance

Additional Videos

Two Kinds of Hierarchies in Cognitive Ability Models

A Taxonomy of Influences on Ability Tests

Within-Composite Differences: Why Measures of the Same Ability Differ

Do Large Subtest Differences Invalidate Composite Scores?

A Geometric Representation of Composite Scores

Why Specific Cognitive Processing Weaknesses Are Typically Only Partial Explanations for Academic Deficits

What if We Took Our Models Seriously? Estimating Latent Scores in Individuals

Misunderstanding Regression to the Mean


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6 thoughts on “Psychometrics from the Ground Up

  1. Ruben Lopez says:

    Excellent explanations, even for a marginally statistically literate person, like me.

    Best wishes, Ruben, Moreno Valley Unified School District,CA

  2. Joel, I agree with Ruben. If I weren’t so grateful I’d be downright embarrassed (and who knew there were two ‘r’s in embarrassed? thank goodness for spellcheck!). Seriously, you are providing a terrific service and I am very grateful.

  3. Don in Canada says:

    A stress-saver. I was scratching my head and saying “oh, no …” to myself over 2 clients with very low academic skills despite mid-average intelligence and a cognitive processing factor about 20th %ile. Your video showed me that such factors don’t have the ‘power’ I assumed they had, as even one at 5th %ile can’t be assumed to have explanatory value. Thanks for this information.

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