Posts organized by topic

Assessing Psyche, Engaging Gauss, Seeking Sophia

History of Psychological Assessment and Intelligence Research

My thoughts on the theory and practice of psychological assessment

CHC Theory

Specific batteries and tests

Death Penalty & IQ


The g factor

Psychological Evaluation Report Writing

Recommended Blogs & Interesting Studies

Psychometrics & Statistics

Regression and Multiple Regression

The Glories of R!

Normal and Multivariate Normal Distributions

Composite Scores

Psychometrics from the Ground Up: A Series of Video Tutorials



2 thoughts on “Posts organized by topic

  1. Thomas Duda says:

    Hello Dr. Schneider,

    I’ve watched this video a couple of times now and I think I’m finally starting to get it! I really appreciate the graphics, mathematical proofs, and clear explanations. I’m wondering if you might happen to have any similar coverage with regard to calculating Reliable Change Indices. I’ve read a few articles on the topic, but I’m looking for additional discussion regarding the construction of new normative data from clinical populations vs. using normative data provided by test manuals. That is, when is it appropriate to calculate reliable change using manual data versus calculating/developing new test-retest reliabilities, means, standard deviations, standard errors of measurements, and standard errors of the differences using patients? It seems to me that these would answer different questions, but I though I would ask if you might cover this topic. Thanks for your time, and please feel free to contact me with any questions or clarification.

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