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TableMaker for Psychological Evaluation Reports


I am proud to announce the release of my new computer program, TableMaker for Psychological Evaluation Reports. It is designed to help providers of psychological assessments organize and present test data in a simple, efficient, and theoretically informed manner. You enter an evaluee’s test scores in an order that is convenient to you and theoretically organized tables are generated in MS Word like so:

TableMaker is free. For now, unfortunately, it runs on Windows only.


29 thoughts on “TableMaker for Psychological Evaluation Reports

  1. Hi all. This is rather interesting. It may be beneficial to our department as we move to a new electronic storage system for writing reports. We already have purchased the scoring and report writing software for our tests, but this may actually help transfer data to that system. We’ll see after I meet next week with my other special education managers to design exactly how we want the new system to record our work.

    Sandy Thomas,
    Supervisor-Psychological Educational Assessmetn Services

  2. Dr. C. Friesen, C.Psych. says:

    I can’t seem to download this as my Norton and Internet Explorer both label it as a virus and delete it. Any suggestions?

    Dr. Friesen, C.Psych.

    • I am not sure. My Internet Explorer does not have a problem with the download.
      Did you try simply right clicking the “Install” button, clicking “Save Target as…” and saving the file somewhere?

      If that does not work, try a different browser (e.g., Firefox). Norton is probably the source of the problem. You might have to disable it temporarily.

      • Dr. C. Friesen, C.Psych. says:

        I got it to work by clicking on “launch” instead of “install”. Thanks.

    • Sand says:

      Yeah, I could not open it on my personal computer, but once I got back to work it opened on the district’s network without difficulty. Keep trying. I tried disabling my firewalls and uploaded the latest editions of ADOBE but it did not help.

      Sandy Thomas

  3. Kathryn Workman, Ph.D. says:


    Have always found your comments on statistical issues as well as your methods of presenting data, to be very helpful !! While perhaps no $$ is attached to these downloads, I think/know there is a market out there for these tools. Finally, although some of our colleagues may not appreciate statistical discussions, I thrive on them (I was always thought of as an anomoly in grad school because I enrolled in additional stat classes that weren’t required). Keep going and again many, many thanks, Kathy

  4. Sandra says:

    Hi! Thanks for the great program! I hope this will help organize my data entry.

    One question — how do you add a new column of scores (ie. RPI). Thanks!

  5. Christine Eagan says:

    I’m getting this error message when I try to install: Help!

    Setup has detected that the file ‘C:\DOCUME~1\CHRIST~1.EAG\LOCALS~1\Temp\VSD163.tmp\DotNetFX40Client\dotNetFx40_Client_setup.exe’ has changed since it was initially published.

    See the setup log file located at ‘C:\DOCUME~1\CHRIST~1.EAG\LOCALS~1\Temp\VSD163.tmp\install.log’ for more information.

  6. Randall Smith, Ph.D. says:

    I’m working on Win7 computers. When I export the data from one computer and attempt to import it in to the other, I get an error note indicating “The specified table does not exist [sex]” If I proceed the entire database of tests is empty. The same process occurs regardless of whether I select including patient data, or not. All tests and any test additions/modifications are gone. Any ideas? Randall Smith

  7. Kari Squarzolo says:

    I have managed to input many scores, but when I try to print the chart in WORD, I get the following error message:

    This error is commonly encountered when a read lock is set on the file that you are attempting to open. Possible reasons for this:

    Another user has the file open, either on the same computer that you are using, or on another computer.
    Word crashed at some point in the past and left a read lock on the file.
    Another application has an exclusive lock on the file, preventing Word from opening the file.
    A custom application is running and has opened this file (possibly on another user’s computer). It may have opened the file using an incorrect method.
    To correct this problem, close all applications, restart Word and try to open this file again. If this does not work, examine the properties of the file to determine if someone else has it open. Occasionally a phantom process (dead or disassociated program) may have a lock on the file, and the only means of clearing it is to restart your computer.

    For more information, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 918593.

    I have already closed things down and restarted, but it did not help. Does it matter that my WORD program wants to save it as a .dox?


  8. Ken Breslow says:


    Do you have an undo feature embedded in the program? :-). Also, will this be updated to accommodate the new tests coming out (WJ-IV and WISC-V, etc.)?

    Thanks for doing this and making it available to us.


    • No undo function! Sorry! You can always uninstall and reinstall if all else fails.

      I plan to update the program someday because there are a few annoying quirks in the program that I would like to eliminate. If my update does come soon enough, you can always enter new tests on your own.

  9. Jonas Taub says:

    THis is excellent, Joel. Thanks for creating and sharing this. You had also done a graphing program for presenting test results. I think I have an old Excel version of it that you shared a few years back. Have you updated that and is it available?

  10. Joel, this is so cool! Just used your Tablemaker for KABC-2 data- super awesome!

    You know…. there is an updated version of the WISC, and Conners, and BASC… some others coming out too… 😉 But this is awesome, thank you for creating something like this, wish I had found it sooner!

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